Turban Style Headband- Pink Paisley
Turban Style Headband- Pink Paisley


Turban Style Headband- Pink Paisley

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A very popular type of headband, made with pink paisley fabric. High quality cotton and spandex makes this headband both comfortable and durable. 

Styling/Cleaning and Care Tips are below. 

Fits a 21-23 head circumference

Made by Institches

Made in Canada 

  • Styling Tips


    Wearing your band horizontally across the widest part of you head both IMPROVES FIT and decreases SLIPPAGE. Resist the urge to push the band too far back on your head--instead wear it lower on your hairline and over the tips of your ears.


    The band comes tied to fit average head size but it is fully adjustable!  Tie it tighter to accommodate smaller heads or loosen it up to feel more comfortable.


    Find the way that works best for you! Tweak and shape your bow, anchor it with a low ponytail or wear your hair down, tie it around a finished hair style, or flip the knot to the back and wear it ninja-style for the day!

  • Care Instructions


    • Machine wash/dry BUT laying flat to dry will extend the life! 

    Shrinking and Stretching: 

    • All fabric is preshrunk so your band will not get any smaller. 
    • If your band feels tight give it a slow but firm stretch--the seams are built to stretch and this will improve the fit of your band!
    • If your band feels loose - wash and dry the band -- don't forget to pinch and volumize the band when you wear it as it will improve fit!